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myHogwarts official tumblr MyHogwarts is a social network for Harry Potter fans... but it's also so much more than that.
Like traditional social networks, we allow you to add friends, have profiles, send messages, write on walls and everything you're used to. What those networks don't offer, however, is the ability to meet new Potter fans from around the world, socialize in your House Common Room, collect Chocolate Frog Cards, listen to an all-wizarding radio station, read and write books for the Hogwarts Library, meet other fans in your local area,take in-character Hogwarts courses and much more. MyHogwarts Fans

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Harry Potter wedding invitations I found on etsy. This could be the most adorable and romantic thing inspired by the movie. I love it. They are on the etsy shop oneLittleM owned by Melissa Meek. Had to share.

This is absolutely awesome


The guy’s last name is Black. She gets to be Mertle Black. Mertle fucking Black.


Having this as my Invites :)

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