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News Portal - Looking Good!

What do you think about the new News portal? Still not finished, but LOADS of updates. What do you think of the various (working) pages?!


Your willingness to discuss Harry Potter with me greatly increases the probability that I’ll let you Slytherin my Chamber of Secrets, and that’s not just the Butterbeer talking. ;)
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Your willingness to discuss Harry Potter with me greatly increases the probability that I’ll let you Slytherin my Chamber of Secrets, and that’s not just the Butterbeer talking. ;)

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RELEASED #HogwartsAfterDark website and Episode 1 - “Aberforth’s Goats & the Polyjuice Brothel”. Adults Only.!

RELEASED #HogwartsAfterDark website and Episode 1 - “Aberforth’s Goats & the Polyjuice Brothel”. Adults Only.!

Show of Wands…

How many of you can write a song and play an instrument but never considered writing a “wizard rock” song?

Library Updated: 435 Books

The Library on myHogwarts has been patched up to include all 400+ books from fans. Check out the full list at!

Almost 200 Courses at myHogwarts

There are almost 200 courses available at myHogwarts! Courses will be ready to take in just a few weeks’ time! 

Check out the updated list at

What looks interesting to you? 

145 myHogwarts Courses… and counting

The current number of upcoming myHogwarts courses has reached 145!

Below is the entire list from the site… although if you check back, there are probably more. You can see all the course summaries and the entire list at

Women of Hogwarts by Professor Mae
YWM-201, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
A History and Biography of Lord Voldemort by Prof. Wood
VOLD-103, 12 weeks | Show Course Summary
A History and Study of Relationships, Events, and Social Dynamics between Muggles and Wizards by Professor Janine Rze
717-MUGWIZ, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
A.P History of Magic by Professor Alexi DeKrue
APHOM, 4 weeks | Show Course Summary
Advance of the Apocalypse by Elric Nightlocke
APOCNOW-00 | Show Course Summary
Advanced Creative Writing Course by Prof. Moonstone
ACWC-01 | Show Course Summary
Advanced General Chemistry by Michael Andrew
CHEM-102 | Show Course Summary
Advanced Potion Techniques by Owaan Barnett
A-P-T | Show Course Summary
Advanced Wandlore by Professor Naya M. Nivera
AWL-101, 18 weeks | Show Course Summary
An Introduction to Charms and Transfiguration by Silenus Warbuck
RWC-21, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Analysis 101: The Logic Behind the Pairing by Ms. Lillith
ANLYZ-101 | Show Course Summary
Analysis 101: The Mystery of Harry Potter by Professor Artro
AN101-HP, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
ANCIENT RUNES MADE EASY by Professor ‘Dragon Eye’ Marlene
ARME-101 | Show Course Summary
Ancient Studies by Bryon Baconge
AS-345, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Animagus Sciences I by Dr. Michael Wiggs
TRNF-501 | Show Course Summary
Archaeology in the magic world by Maggie Prewet
ARCH-7 | Show Course Summary
Arithmancy - An introduction by Arith
ARI101, 11 weeks | Show Course Summary
Arithmancy 1 by Professor Lara Marx
ARM-501 | Show Course Summary
Arithmancy Studies by Professor C. Mostert
ARITH | Show Course Summary
Art of Divination by Professor Hecate
ART-OF-DIV, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Astronomy by Professor Arffa
ASTR101 | Show Course Summary
Auror Theory by Professor F. England
AURTH-01, 7 weeks | Show Course Summary
Basic Folklore Creative Writing by Professor Nearie Foi
FOLKCW-101, 8 weeks | Show Course Summary
Beginner’s Creative Writing Course by Prof. Moonstone
BCWC-01, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Beginners Defence Against The Dark Arts by Professor Elliott
BDATDS, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Beings, Beasts and Other Dangerous Creatures. by L. Featherwise
BB-394, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Care of magical creatures by Ann White
COMC-07 | Show Course Summary
care of magical creatures by savannah
SOCCER28LO | Show Course Summary
Care of Magical Creatures - A Beginner’s Course by Phillipa Philbert
COMC-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Care of Magical Creatures : Animal Study by Prof. Sylvia
COMC-AS-07 | Show Course Summary
Care of Magical Creatures For Beginners by Professor Tartwire
BEASTS-007 | Show Course Summary
Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Sieve by Professor Sieve
COMC101 | Show Course Summary
Charms by Professor Gaunt
CHARMS2012 | Show Course Summary
Charms and Their Uses by Professor Latrova
COL-98, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Controversial Topics in Harry Potter by Pro. Webb
TOPI-44 | Show Course Summary
Creative Writing by Professor Maple
CW1 | Show Course Summary
Creative Writing/Writing by Professor Danielle
WRIT-106, 4 weeks | Show Course Summary
Defence Against the Dark Art Grade 7 by Octavia Nightingale
HOG-WARTS | Show Course Summary
Defence against the dark arts by Proffessor Hind
D-D-A | Show Course Summary
Defense against the dark arts by Professor Athena
DADA-117 | Show Course Summary
Defense Against the Dark Arts by Pro. Dena Crouch
DADA-101 | Show Course Summary
Divination by Prof. Parkinson
DIV, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Divination-Astrology by Professor Vablatsky
DAC-117 | Show Course Summary
Dragon Care 101 by Professor Kona Blake
DC-101 | Show Course Summary
Dragon Studies by Professor Spark
DRACON | Show Course Summary
Editing a Harry Potter fan video ~ begginer course by D. Monroe
HPMV-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Examining inter-witch/wizard interactions/relationships by Professor Orpheus Fairbrother
EX-310, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Fan Fiction Film Studies: Pre Production by Professor Kona Blake
FFFS-PP, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Fan Literature by Professor Jai
FAL-1101 | Show Course Summary
fanastic beast were to find them by professor liz
CLIP52891M | Show Course Summary
Fandom, Participatory Culture and Harry Potter by Dr. Weatherwax
F-PC-HP, 10 weeks | Show Course Summary
Fanfic Made Easy by Professor Charlotte 
FME, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Fanfiction101 by Professor Smith
FANFIC101, 5 weeks | Show Course Summary
Fanfiction: An In Depth Approach. by Ms. Badwolf
ADVFAN-42, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Fiction for the Fictitious by Genesis Liridon
CW-102, 14 weeks | Show Course Summary
First Year Spells 101 by Professor Huntrose
SPELLS-1, 3 weeks | Show Course Summary
General Chemistry by Michael Andrew
CHEM-101, 8 weeks | Show Course Summary
Ghosts 101 by Professor Sarah Lindsey
GHOST-007 | Show Course Summary
Greek Mythology 101 by Raven
GRM-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter and Christianity 101 by Elisabeth Potter
HPC-101 | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter and the Politics of Memory by Professor Kygnus Kinsapaz
HIST-222, 14 weeks | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by Genesis Liridon
LIT-101, 5 weeks | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by Genesis Liridon
LIT-108, 16 weeks | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter Film Wizardary by Taylor Ross
HPFW | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter for Beginners- Upcoming class by Professer Anonymous
HP-1, 3 weeks | Show Course Summary
Harry Potter; Lessons in Trauma and Healing by Professor Beth Larimore
THEAL-101 | Show Course Summary
Harry: The Rise of Darkness by Jane Smith
POSS-531 | Show Course Summary
Healing: A beginners Course by Professor Seth Kenefick
HEAL-101 | Show Course Summary
Herbology 112: Herbs and Their Many Uses in Our Society by Professor Sophia Gill
HERB-112, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
History of Magic by Professor Gaggero
HOM-125, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
History of Quidditch by Professor Redmond
QUID-115 | Show Course Summary
Hitler vs. Voldemort: A Psychological and Social Comparison by Adrie Fells
PSYCH-515 | Show Course Summary
Hogwarts Family Tree by Prof. Parkinson
FAMILYTREE, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Hogwarts Life: A Simple but Fruitful Introduction to the World of Magic at Hogwarts by Professor Julia D. Wind
HL, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Hogwarts, A History 100 by Professor Kauffman
HAH-100, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Honors Fan Literature by Professor Jai
HFAL1101-H | Show Course Summary
MPSYCH-02 | Show Course Summary
How to Handle Household Pets by Professor Hillington
HTHHP-A, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
How Wizards Have Been A Part Of Muggle History by Professor Ameer Lahrim
HWHBAPOMH1 | Show Course Summary
Inteoduction to Mythology by aruhsa
MYTH101 | Show Course Summary
Into to Fan Literature by Cameryn Winters
FAL-101, 5 weeks | Show Course Summary
Intro to Dragons and Other Dangerous Beasts by Eliana Sylfies
DDB-001, 8 weeks | Show Course Summary
Intro to Screenwriting Format by Jumana Holloway 
SCRN-100, 7 weeks | Show Course Summary
Intro To Your Abilities: Dealing With Being A Metamorphmagus by Professor Maz Fawley
MORPH-101, 7 weeks | Show Course Summary
Introduction to the Psychology of Harry Potter by Carol Oster, Psy.D.
PSYCH-101, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Journaling as Fiction by Genesis Liridon
CW-201, 16 weeks | Show Course Summary
Kwikspell for Beginners by Professor Alexandria Blake
KWIKSPELL1 | Show Course Summary
Looking Through Mirrors: A Discussion on Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, and The Chronicles of Narnia by Genesis Liridon
LIT-201A, 37 weeks | Show Course Summary
Magic in the Kitchen by Professor ‘Dragon Eye’ Marlene
MITK-101 | Show Course Summary
Magical Creatures of the Harry Potter world by KC Dementor
KC-123, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Magical Desserts by Ceci
COOK-MD | Show Course Summary
Magical Drafts & Potions 1 by Professor Gangnam
MDAP-110, 3 weeks | Show Course Summary
Magical Government by Professor Alexi DeKrue
GOV-101A | Show Course Summary
Magical Meals - Cooking in the Harry Potter Universe by Professor De Mercurio
MGCLML-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Magical Music: Beginners Band by Professor Jai
MMBB-1101 | Show Course Summary
Magical Theory A by Professor Alexi DeKrue
MGTH-101A | Show Course Summary
Magical Theory B by Professor Alexi DeKrue
MGTH-101B | Show Course Summary
Magizoology 101 by Professor Wilfred M. Winter (Md, PhD)
MAGZOO-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Metamorphmagus-How to be one by Professor Cattleya Orros
MHT | Show Course Summary
Minor Characters 101 by Professor Dragoneye
MCHA-101, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Mundane Herbology by Professor Eldritch
HERB-29, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Music and Film by Professor K. Artemov
MUS-AP-101, 17 weeks | Show Course Summary
Music: Advanced Vocal Focus by Professor Kris
MUSIC-VF-2 | Show Course Summary
Music: Vocal Focus by Professor Kris
MUSIC-VF-1 | Show Course Summary
Origins of Magic by Dr. James Atheneo
OOM-101 | Show Course Summary
OTA Simple Potions for Muggles by Professor Nearie Foi
MUGPOTIALL | Show Course Summary
Potions for Beginners by Professor Ginnie Granger
PTNS-FB, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Potter, Politics and Social Issues by Whitney Arter
POL-9606 | Show Course Summary
MPSYCH-03 | Show Course Summary
Psychology and the Modern Wizard I by Gala Dyed
PSY-101 | Show Course Summary
Pureblood Rituals and Traditions by Professor Bella-Dea
PBRT-16 | Show Course Summary
Quidditch 101 by M.J. Gray
QUIDDITCH, 13 weeks | Show Course Summary
Quidditch; a course for beginners by Prof. Moonstone
QCB-01, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Ravenclaw History by Prof. Parkinson
RAVHISTORY, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Relationships of Lord Voldemort by Prof. Wood
VOLD-104, 12 weeks | Show Course Summary
Revamped History of Magic by Professor S. Faires
RHOM-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Russian’s in Wizardry by Professor G. Smulakovsky
RUS101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Save The World - Potter Style (Open Version) by Sapience Jesters
STWPS-713 | Show Course Summary
Shipping and different ships(fan-fiction) by Professor Quinn
SADS-38 | Show Course Summary
Simple Potions for Muggles by Professor Nearie Foi
MUGPOTI101 | Show Course Summary
So You Want to NaNoWriMo by Marnie Stephens
NANO-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Story Writing by Professor Elliott
SW-2012, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Symbolism in Harry Potter by Emily
SYMNHP-101 | Show Course Summary
The Battles of the Wizarding World by Arish Mudra Rakshas
BATTLES, 7 weeks | Show Course Summary
The History of Hufflepuff by Professor Volcko
HIS-101 | Show Course Summary
The Magic of Merlin by Professor Emrys
MHIS-202 | Show Course Summary
The Mysterious Mage: A Survey of Wandless Magic by Professor Maura Alistria
MAGE1313 | Show Course Summary
The Tales of Beedle The Bard - An Introductory Short Course by Professor Artro
TOBTB-SHRT | Show Course Summary
The Tales of Beedle the Bard and their influence on the Wizard World by Professor Pandora
BB-101 | Show Course Summary
The Victorian Era by Finley Meyer
HIST319 | Show Course Summary
Trivial Facts, Errors, and Foreshadowing of the Potterverse by BellaBlack
29521746 | Show Course Summary
Understanding the Hogwarts Houses by Gabrielle Potter
UTHH, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Utilizing Languages in Fanfiction by Professor Firefly VanHoven
ULF101, 4 weeks | Show Course Summary
Wandlore: The Study of the History and Magical Properties of Wands by Charlotte Gregorovitch
WNDLOR, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Welcome! by Professor Grubbly-Plank Jr.
COMC-0-01, 2 weeks | Show Course Summary
Werewolf Magic 101 by Professor A
WWM-101 | Show Course Summary
Werewolves 101 by Angelo Potter
W-101, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Werewolves- An Origin by Professor A
WAO-201, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Werewolves- An Origin by Professor A
WAO-202 | Show Course Summary
Wizard Rock 101 by Alexis Rainwater
MUS-210, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Wizard’s Fashion by Professor Ocypete
FSHN-01, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Wizarding World at War by Professor Jordan Rodway
WWAT-777, 1 weeks | Show Course Summary
Wizards In Muggle History by Professor R.
WIMUHIS-01, 7 weeks | Show Course Summary
World Studies by Professor Howell
WSTU-207 | Show Course Summary
Writing with narrative techinque (stream of conciusness) by Justina Swift
NARWRI-01 | Show Course Summary
See the list of upcoming courses at

See the list of upcoming courses at

Upcoming myHogwarts Courses

Looking forward to taking myHogwarts courses? Take a look at the updated list of what our professors are working on RIGHT NOW.

Literature and Writing
"Basic Folklore" - Amelia Horswill
"Writing with Narrative Technique" - Iida Linda-Marie Talasmaki
"Fandom" - Bethan Jones
"Muggle vs. Wizarding Fairytales" - Chase Wayne Losey
"Hogwarts Reading Comprehension" - Tevondre Bryant
"Creative Writing" - Anna Moncrief
"Writing Fanfiction" - Kate Litton
"Villainous Character Study" - Shannon Irene Hicks
"Prose Fiction/General Storytelling" - Jenny Reed
"The Art of Editing" - Tara Shennan

Ethics and Philosophy
"A Mother’s Love" - Jess Foreman
"Defending Harry Potter" - Amber Wilson
"Ethics in Harry Potter" - Marina Katic
"Significance of Holidays in Harry Potter" - Connie Neal
"Harry Potter’s Book of Virtues" - Connie Neal

Social Sciences
"Gender and Sexuality in the Wizarding World" - Jonathon Zapasnik (possibly co-taught with Leisa Clark)
"Harry Potter; Lessons in Trauma and Healing" - Tara Shennan
"Wizarding World Cultures" - Kay Perkins
"Wizard Politics" - Ashley Soll
"Magical Government" - Jacob Balog
"Pureblood Etiquette and Rituals" - Kat Foy
"Cults, Rituals, and the Dark Arts" - Brianna Marie Wing (includes history-present)
"History of Muggle Stories" - Garry Smulakovsky
"Basic History" - Victoria Post
"History of Muggle Films" - Kathryne Kelli Eckerson
"HOM- Relationships between Wizards and Muggles" - Janine Rzeplinski
"History of Magic" -Jovanni Gaggero
"Advanced History of Magic" - Jacob Balog
"HOM- Ancient Magical History" - Mindy Sini
"World Studies" - Kassie Amelia Howe
"History of Voldemort and His Choices" - Angie Gouldsberry
"History of Werewolves" - Andi Marginean
"Save the World - Potter Style" - Jess Petersen

"Magic in the Kitchen" - Marlene Perez
"Food in Harry Potter" - Leisa Clark
"Magical Desserts" - Ceci Lione

Wizardry Studies
"Magical Theory" -Austin Sheedy
"Magical Theory" -Jacob Balog
"Dueling Through the Ages" - Srujan Gupta
"Charms Theory and Application" - Samm Jolene Crippen
"Arithmancy" - Delena Obermaier
"Arithmancy Studies 30" - Chris Antoine Severus Mostert
"Defence Against the Dark Arts" - Ioana Andreea Weasley
"Care of Magical Creatures" - Sasha P Sterling
"Care of Magical Creatures" - Kristen Merritt
"Care of Magical Creatures" - Andrea Woods
"Care of Magical Creatures" - Jen Von Owlowicious
"Basilisks" - Jamie Lee Stock
"Paranormal Phenomena" - Greg Elve

"Animagi Sciences" - Shawn Spencer
"Herbology" - Jordan Rodway
"Healing: A beginners guide" - Seth Kenefick
"Astronomy" - Kristen Merritt
"Astronomy" - Sasha P Sterling
"Astronomy" - James Hinsey
"Divination-Astrology" - Tomislav Malijurek
"Potions" - Zarzee Vance
"Origins of Magic" - Justin James

Fine Arts
"Magical Music: Vocal Focus" - Kris Halterman
"Magical Music: Advanced Vocal Focus" - Kris Halterman
"Magical Music: Band" - Jai Saville
"Magical Music: Advanced Band" - Anna Moncrief and Kieran Webb
"Music and Entertainment in the Wizarding World" - Tessa Black

"Ancient Runes Made Easy" - Marlene Perez
"Languages: Japanese" - James Hinsey
"Advance of the Apocalypse" - Isaac Hess
Outlines Posted…
Social Sciences
"Potter, Politics and Social Issues" -Whitney Arter
"Wizarding World at War" -Jordan Rodway
"A History and Biography of Lord Voldemort" - Brandon Wood
"Hitler vs. Voldemort: A Psychological and Social Comparison" - Adrie Fells
"Harry Potter and the Politics of Memory" - Jonathon Zapasnik

"Simple Potions for Muggles" - Amelia Horswill
"Practical Herbs for the Muggle" - Saoirse Cassidy
"Into to Herbology" - Dylan Grey
"Astronomy" - James Qumsieh

Ethics and Philosophy
"Discrimination in the Wizarding World" - Liam Dolores Curtis
"The Role of Alcohol in the Harry Potter Universe" - Jennifer Lee
"Controversial Topics in Harry Potter" - Kieran Webb

Literature and Writing
"Symbolism in Harry Potter" - Emily Carlier
"The Use of Classical Myth in Harry Potter" - Dannielle Shanks
"Fan Literature" - Jai Saville
"Creative Writing: Fiction for the Fictitious" - Jess LJ Lance
"Journaling as Fiction" - Jess Lance
"So You Want to NaNoWriMo" - Stephanie Kress
"Fan-Fiction Film Studies: Pre Production" - Harleigh Blake Wacker
"Intro to Screenwriting Format" - Jenny Reed
"Writing a Novel — Fanfiction and Original Fiction" - Dominique Potter
"Utilizing Foreign Languages in Fan Fiction"-Samantha Calvert
"Basic Folklore" - Amelia Horswill

Media Arts
"Beyond Words: The Basics of Creating Transmedia Stories" - Belinda Zoller

Wizardry Studies
"Sorcery Studies" - Tevondre Bryant
"Spells 101 "- Michael Santiesteban
"Wandlore, Among Other Things" - Kris Halterman
"Magical Theory" - Jacob Balog
"Arithmancy 1" - Jenna Jensen
"Muggle Art, Wizard History" - Dannielle Shanks
"Dragon Care" - Harleigh Blake Wacker
"Advanced Wandlore" - Sabine Moutinho

"The Rise of Darkness"- Kai Luna (Dark!Harry)
"Advance of the Apocalypse" - Isaac Hess